There is a saying in the army “More you sweat in peace, less you bleed in war”. The more you practice, the more would be your accuracy, and more would be your speed. Practice as many test series as you can in the real exam conditions. Practice with online JEE/NEET test series can fetch good marks to create rank in JEE/NEET.


Anyone can access Rajeev classes online test series very easily because it comes with a user-friendly interface. There is no need for special hardware or software to access them. They are accessible from any browser.

2.) Prepared with our Kota experienced faculties.

Rajeev classes had the best faculties and all questions were prepared with the help of Kota experienced and well-trained faculties and with researching best previous year questions.

3.) Totally based on latest patterns

Rajeev classes’ online/offline test series are based on actual exam pattern thus gives you a real-time experience of facing an exam. It contains the exact number of questions like the main paper and student has to attempt it in a limited time.

4.) Flexible test schedules during online tests

You no longer have to worry about the practice questions, paper, and stationery tools while giving a mock test. If you have a computer with internet access, then you are all set for the test! You can give your test from anywhere and anytime. This saves your time and allows you to take several practice tests before you attend the main one! 

5.) Get instant result and analysis with online tests

After completion of the test, you can self-analyze your performance with instant results & scorecards. It gives you a fair idea about how much more you need to prepare and improvise. It helps you to identify your speed, accuracy, and level of preparation. In an offline test, you need to wait for the test results to analyses how well you have written. That might even take several days or months. But in an online test, it is not so! It gives instant results and feedback which is very useful. Depending on your results, you can figure out how to go about with the preparation and also saves lots of time.

6.) Time management

While taking up tests online/ offline, the time limit for the particular section appears on the same screen so that the candidate is aware of the time left to complete the test. If the student is unable to finish a particular section within the time limit, then it automatically moves to the next section. Hence, taking online/offline test helps in managing time efficiently.

7.) Help in identifying your weak areas

Performance report in online/offline test series helps you to identify your weak areas and motivate you to rectify errors.

8.) Decrease your negative marking

As these tests are based on real pattern attempting an online/offline test not only identify the errors but also make student cut down their negative marking by showing them the result of negative question attempted.

9.) Improve your accuracy and efficiency

Attempting our online/offline test increases your question-solving speed by forcing them to complete tests on time. The student not only tries to do question correct but also increases speed to finish it on time. Practicing with online test series improves both areas and increase performance.

10.) Affordable/ cost effective

Online/offline test series are cost-effective. It gives better results and one can see improvements with every performance. Not only it saves time, but also saves money. It is much cheaper and easy than taking up any other. If you are taking up the online test from your home itself, then you can even save up on traveling costs. 

11.) Security and confidentiality

In an online/offline test series, there is no possibility of viewing the questions before. The questions keep changing in every test an individual takes. If not fully, at least the questions appear in a different order so that it is impossible for the candidates to cheat. Even the results appear to the candidate alone ensuring confidentiality. 

So, if you also want to experience the real exam before attempting the actual one, join the online test series of RAJEEV CLASSES for NEET/JEE. It helps you to understand the exam patterns, increase speed, accuracy, and cutting down negative marks by solving online NEET/JEE sample papers. These improvements increase student performance in exams and this is how online test series raise their rank in JEE/NEET exam. To equip better yourself for the exam you should attempt the Online Test series.


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