Here are some mistakes in JEE preparation that most people make, including many toppers. Hope you can learn from them.

  1. You must not use a calculator for all the calculations. It will reduce your capacity to calculate manually. It is difficult to believe but most JEE aspirants do not arrive at the correct answer in the estimated time because they make silly calculation mistakes such as doing addition or subtraction incorrectly. You may want to do such calculations on paper. Practice more and more to avoid such errors.
  2. Maintain a time table and follow it, remember it IIT life is not easy.
  3. You should have a solid strategy of solving each question in 3–4 minutes. Always work on a set of at least 10 questions and try to solve it in 30 -40 minutes. It will save your time and will also increase your speed.
  4. In an MCQ exam pattern, examiners purposefully give you one or two distracters that are similar to the correct option. They are meant to confuse you. If you are not careful, you are likely to fall into the trap and lose marks.
  5. You must be enough patient to study for 3 hours so that you can solve 90 good questions in 3 hours without losing patience. For this, you should study 3 hours continuously and regularly.
  6. You should sleep in night only. You should take a healthy sleep of 5–8 hours. As day-sleeping reduces your capacity to study in the daytime. It is harmful as you have to attend the exam at noon.
  7. When you solve too many questions and score well in past year papers, you become overconfident. Many students commit silly mistakes merely because they fail to read a question carefully, register key information given in it, or interpret what is being asked incorrectly. 
  8. Eating habits should be very proper. You should eat well so that you don’t fall ill. And also try to take breakfast before 8 AM and lunch between 12–2 PM. It may look so strict but is important to prepare you for the final day.
  9. When you are in Class 11 and starting your JEE preparation, you are sure that you want to get into the IITs and that you will spend the next two years in ‘Tapasya’ for the purpose. But slowly, as you score less-than-perfect scores in classrooms and coaching classes, your motivation factor starts dipping. Keeping up your motivation level is the key differentiator between those who make it to the IITs and those who do not.
  10. Whenever you feel low, think why you want to clear JEE? This should charge you up to try harder. Also, stop comparing yourself to others. If others are playing games on their mobiles or are scoring more in tests even after studying less than you, it is not your concern. You should only concentrate on sticking to your study plan and covering the topics for the day.
  11. Be regular in your studies. If you don’t study for a day and again you study for 20 hours the next day, it will create problems for you. So don’t do stunts.
  12. You must analyze the previous year’s question papers for analysis of your preparations. As you might be happy with your preparations, but it might not be up to the mark.
  13. Sleep well for at least 6-7 hours.
  14. Don’t study late at night. Many people do this mistake and lose a lot. Your body metabolism changes to a lower side. Max is a 12 or 12.30 AM.
  15. Always study between 9 AM to 5 PM with a break between but do not get up from 9 to 12 and 2 to 5 for any reason whatsoever so that your mindset is perfect till JEE. Maintain an exam Hall environment at this time interval and do not let anyone disturb you. Strictly follow this.
  16. Irrespective of repeated stress on time management during JEE exam preparation and while taking the JEE exam, there are many students who do not pay enough attention to it. As a result, when they sit for the actual exam, they find themselves panicking towards the end of the exam.
  17. Study only on a table and chair and not anywhere else. Get off those lousy lazy beds or sofas.
  18. Eat right. Have your meals on time and keep them non-oily ones and less spicy. Eat on time and do not skip any meals.
  19. Never fall ill from now. Maintain personal hygiene. Bathe daily in the morning and get ready till 9 am. Keep your things in a disciplined way.
  20. Cut off useless “friends”. You need to go ahead in your life past them. But keep the good ones with you.
  21. Get off the internet. you don’t need it now! Throw your gadgets, phones, PCs, etc away. Seriously these things ruined a lot of my “friends”. I made a list of 250+ movies and 15+ TV series that I had saved to watch for later during JEE prep and completed this list within a year along with all the new movies. Remember only IITs have the fastest internet you will ever get in any college( motivation for you).

Do not waste time! Whatever you have been doing, just review it once, pick selected resources, and follow a one-track plan. Results will comply. Whatever time you are going to indulge in ‘strategizing’, have fun instead.

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