Sample Question and Mock Tests

For much less time remaining for JEE Main 2020, candidates are advised to analyze the level of their preparation with the help of sample papers and mock tests and then take a look at what topics are troubling. With this, they will know the specific topics without having to waste much time.

Formulae and Reactions

 This is the best time to cram all the important formulae and chemical reactions, as suits the subjects of JEE Main 2020. This will reduce any chance of minor mistakes while attempting the exam on the final day.

Revise short notes

 Those candidates who have prepared last minute revision notes for JEE Main 2020 are advised to utilize this period revising the pieces of shorthand information so that it is thoroughly memorized.

Don’t panic

 Most of the time when less time remains, students, start getting anxious due to the topics that were skipped by chance. It is advised that if there is enough time to cover such topics, then they should go ahead with them. If there is not enough time, just strengthen your grip over the topics you already know. There is no need for panicking over things that have gone beyond control.

What to do one day before JEE Mains?

The syllabus of JEE Main 2020 is vast which makes students try to revise it all which is not feasible. For such candidates, flow charts or personal notes in the form of tables, etc. help a lot. If such material is not prepared, then important formulae can be referred to. Nothing new should be touched a day before JEE Main 2020.

Sleep Early and Have Sound Sleep

One of the mistakes most of the students make is that they study for late nights and wake up late in the morning. But a week ago, you must change this habit as it can be harmful to you on the day of the examination because you will feel sleepy due to the daily habit. Also, a sound sleep of 6-7 hours is essential.

Take Regular Breaks

Taking a small break of 5-7 minutes in an hour is a bliss for you to keep yourself fresh and active for a long duration. Study breaks should be taken to get your mind rejuvenated so that you can refocus on your studies.

Arrange Essential Things

To avoid the hassle on the exam day, arrange all-important items such as JEE Main 2020 Admit Card, Identification proof, pen, pencil, etc. prior to the day of the exam.

Eat healthy during these days

This is pretty crucial as you don’t want to end feeling unwell on what happens to be a very important day for your future. Therefore, say no to Junk food, eat healthy, and keep fit.

Enhance your Concentration

 Boosting your concentration level is an essential thing to do. It will aid you in focusing during long study hours. Experts suggest that activities like meditation and yoga rejuvenate the mind and keep the body fit. Indulging in such activities is very beneficial during the preparation time.

No need to discuss your preparation

 It is a common tendency to check with the next person about their preparation. This is illogical as their performance will definitely not boost yours. Instead, it may have you worrying that your preparation may be less or inadequate. So avoid discussing your preparation attempts, levels with friends or relatives.

Minimize Your Interaction

 It is often said that interaction before the exam often leads to unnecessary thoughts and views. Try to mingle less with your peers or other candidates before the exam as this may lead to a conflict of ideas or opinions and in turn lower down your morale and confidence.

Do not juggle with Topics

While preparing for the exam, always complete one topic fully then move on to the other one. Juggling between 2-3 topics at the same time will lead to unwanted confusion. Complete one topic and then move on to the other one. This habit will keep you well informed and well prepared on each topic.


Understand the question

Due to anxiety or other reasons, most of the time students happen to rush over while attempting JEE Main. This should be escaped and candidates should concentrate on the words used in question in order to grasp the essence as to what exactly is being asked.

Option elimination theory

 It is well known for candidates that the options provided in the multiple-choice questions are identical. Thus, in case of questions which they are not sure about at a glance, they should read all the options and then eliminate the inappropriate ones.

Time division

There has to be proper division of time for each question so that time is not wasted in a single difficult question which takes over the time for other questions that could be attempted. Hence, if a question seems to be more time consuming, then candidates should mark it for later and move on with others.

Avoid guessing

In order to avoid negative marking in JEE Main 2020, candidates should avoid the practice of guess and only attempt those which they are 100% sure with.

Reach Exam Centre 1 Hour Before the Exam

To avoid any panic situation on the day of the exam, reach your center 1 hour before the commencement of the exam. You are advised not to take any risk by getting late on exam day. It is better to be safe than to feel sorry.

 Sleep Early and Eat Well

You must sleep and eat well a day before the exam. Sleep for at least 6 hours to keep yourself fresh on the exam day. Eat light food a day before the exam.

Remember that success in JEE Main is hard-earned and you are just a step away from reaching there and making it yours. Keep in mind the above JEE Main 2020 last-minute preparation tips and appear in the exam with all the confidence in you!

Wish you all, best of luck!

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