JEE Main 2020: On the fourth day of the Joint Entrance Examination Main, or JEE Main 2020, conducted for BTech and BE aspirants from 9 am to 12 noon, the students said that the question paper was balanced and similar as compared to that of January session.

Section-wise analysis:

As per JEE Main 2020 analysis 4 September, the physics section was difficult. Here is the overview of JEE Main 2020 question paper analysis for the first shift:


25 Question (20 MCQ +5 Numerical value-based)

The Mathematics paper had a ‘Moderate’ difficulty level. Questions were asked from almost all chapters of Co-ordinate Geometry & Algebra. Few Numerical Based questions required lengthy calculations. There were fewer questions from Calculus compared to Coordinate Geometry. Students were unable to complete in one hour due to a large number of calculations.


25 Question (20 MCQ +5 Numerical value-based)

The Physics paper had an ‘Easy to Moderate’ difficulty level. More questions asked from the Rotation chapter, however, it covered almost all topics like Electrostatic, Mechanics, Optics & Moden Physics. Few Numerical based questions had lengthy calculations. More Fact-Based lengthy questions. The integer type of question was a little calculative.


25 Question (20 MCQ +5 Numerical value-based)

The Chemistry paper had a ‘Moderate’ difficulty level. Questions were mostly from Inorganic & Organic chemistry. Integer type of questions was also easy. More weightage was given to class 12 Chapters. The level of questions was above the NCERT level as per students.


  • Overall: 75 questions (60 MCQs and 15 numerical based)
    • Moderate
  • Physics: 25 questions (20 MCQs and 5 numerical based)
    • Difficult
  • Maths: 25 questions (20 MCQs and 5 numerical based)
    • Moderate difficulty level
  • Chemistry: 25 questions (20 MCQs and 5 numerical based)
    • Easy questions were asked
    • Most of the questions were from NCERT

According to the students, in terms of the order of difficulty, Mathematics was the toughest amongst the three subjects.

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