The last two days witnessed a considerable improvement in attendance for the JEE Main 2020 September examination as students are now appreciating NTA’s exam management amid COVID-19. With each day passing, the government’s decision to conduct the Joint Entrance Examination is turning out to be favorable for engineering aspirants. The Day-5 Slot 1 of the JEE Main exam has also been concluded and students’ reaction regarding the level of difficulty is out.

Students found the overall difficulty level moderate. The Physics & Maths sections were moderate yet lengthy. The Chemistry section was the easiest of them all and those are no less than the bonus marks for students.

The level of difficultly as per feedback from students on September 5,2020:

Mathematics – Moderate Level. Questions were asked from almost all chapters of Co-ordinate Geometry & Calculus. Few Numerical Based questions required lengthy calculations. Less weightage to Algebra however concepts of all chapters covered.

Physics – Moderate level. Few Numerical based questions had lengthy calculations. More questions from Mechanics & Modern Physics.

Chemistry – Easy to Moderate level. Question were mostly from Physical & Organic chemistry. More theory- based questions. Level of questions were above NCERT level as per students. Numerical Based question had lengthy calculations.

In terms of order of Difficulty – Mathematics & Physics were equally tough and Chemistry was easier amongst the three subjects. This paper was of Moderate level as per students.

The analysis for JEE Main 5th September Shift 1 has been updated here. Student reactions are taken into consideration for initial analysis. The Physics section was lengthy in this shift. Most of the questions in

Chemistry were from NCERT textbooks. The Physics section had theory-based questions from the Class 12th syllabus and numerical-based questions from the Class 11th syllabus.

Overall Difficulty Level of the ExamModerate to Difficult
Total No. Of Questions75
Difficulty Level of PhysicsDifficult
Difficulty Level of MathematicsModerate to Difficult
Difficulty Level of ChemistryEasy
Topics with More Weightage in PhysicsOptics & Modern PhysicsElectrostatic & MagnetismCurrent Electricity & EMIHeat & Thermodynamics
Topics with More Weightage in MathematicsCalculusTrigonometryAlgebraCoordinate Geometry
Topics with more Weightage in ChemistryChemical BondingCoordination CompoundPhysical ChemistryOrganic ChemistryInorganic Chemistry
Expected Number of Good Attempts40-45
Difficulty Level of Numerical QuestionsTough

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