Exam Analysis, 6th  September – Shift 2

– Maths section was a bit hard as compared to other sections.

– Numerical problems in the Physics section were time-consuming.

– Many questions were similar to the questions given in NCERT. Textbooks & NCERT Exemplar of Class 11 & Class 12.

– As usual, most of the questions in the Chemistry section were conceptual.

– The difficulty level of Numerical problems in the Physics section was a bit high.

– Overall easy to moderate questions were asked in the Physics, Chemistry & Maths section.

SectionOverall Difficulty Level

This analysis is based on students’ initial response. The questions in the Physics section were tricky, and the questions in the Mathematics section were lengthy. Overall, Mathematics and Physics turned out to be difficult sections in this shift.

Overall Difficulty Level of the ExamModerate to Difficult
Difficulty Level of MathematicsDifficult
Difficulty Level of PhysicsDifficult
Difficulty Level of ChemistryEasy
Topics with More Weightage in PhysicsElectrodynamicsMechanics
Topics with More Weightage in ChemistryTo be Updated
Topics with More Weightage in MathematicsTo be Updated
Expected No. Of Good Attempts38-42
Difficulty Level of Numerical QuestionsTough

Subject Wise Difficulty Level of JEE Main 6th September Shift 2

The subject wise difficulty level of Shift 2 of JEE Main 6th September 2020 can be checked below –

Name of the SubjectTotal No. of Easy QuestionsTotal No. of Moderate QuestionsTotal No. of Difficult Questions

Topic Wise Weightage of Physics in JEE Main 6th September Shift 2

The topic-wise weightage of Physics in JEE Main 6th September Shift 2 exam is as follows –

Name of the Topic% of Questions
Heat & Thermodynamics4%
Modern Physics8%

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