The question of whether or not to take a drop for JEE bothers every engineering aspirant after the 12th standard. The answer to this question varies from person to person, mostly because of varying capabilities, expectations, career decisions, income backgrounds, etc. Reanalyzing your performance and giving it a second go, however, is not at all a poor decision.

If you are wondering that only freshers make it to IITs, you don’t have the right idea. In 2013, more than 30% of the students who were selected into the IIT-JEE gave the exam for the second time and this figure was 60% in 2012. On average, every year 30-45% of people selected in the JEE are appearing for the second time. These numbers clearly show that your chances of getting into IIT are as good, if not better, in a second attempt as they are in a first attempt.

Taking a drop for IIT JEE –

  • Dropping a year for IIT JEE preparation is a good option as students are already stressed from board exams preparation and they are not able to take more pressure of cracking IIT JEE
  • If students are stressed about IIT JEE preparation, then their performance in class 12 boards exams would be affected and they may get less marks or even compartment, which will make students ineligible for IIT JEE because the eligibility criteria of IIT JEE mentions that students must have passed their class 12 boards qualifying exam in their first attempt (no re-appearing) and also if they get fewer marks will affect their percentile in JEE Main and hence, low JEE rank. So, it is better if students drop a year and prepare for IIT JEE.
  • It may bother you that you will be wasting a whole year by taking a drop and in the end, if you don’t get into IIT, it was all for nothing. First of all, if you take up an extra year and score a perfect rank, your life takes a completely different route and the effort will be worth it. Secondly, if you don’t get into IIT, chances are that you will get a better college than you were aiming for in the first attempt, along with the knowledge that comes with one year of preparation for IIT, which will definitely come in handy in the future.
  • you spent your time in the 11th and 12th grade wrapping your head around the basics and the competitive exams are always one step ahead. Now, if you drop a year you have one whole year dedicated only to the preparation for the JEE. It’s the perfect way to truly concentrate on your goals and aim for success.
  • You may have given up on the IIT dream due to your unsatisfactory performance in the first attempt. But you must also realize that although you had 2 years to prepare for IIT in the first attempt, you were never totally focused because there were academic commitments to attend too. You had your time divided into sectors, your mindset on getting a good percentage in your 12th standard board examinations.
  • You must hold the capability of analyzing your performance. After giving your first attempt at the entrance exams, if you are not satisfied with your results, then you should introspect your preparation and ask yourselves a few questions. Did you give your best? If time permits, can you outshine your previous performance? If you realize that you did not give it your best, then another try is completely worth it.

If you are not taking any risk, you are taking a bigger risk. Instead of regretting your future years for not reattempting the exam, you should take a drop for JEE and appear for the exam, armored with your best preparation. A drop for the JEE preparation is your chance of taking that risk and stepping ahead towards a better future. Even if you don’t get in, you’ll know you tried your best!



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