Every year the Joint Entrance Examination Mains is held by the NTA. JEE Main is the single gateway for admission to NITs, IIITs, Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTIs) as well as other engineering colleges and technology institutes run by the state governments and private institutions who have adopted JEE. The most decisive point about the JEE Main exam is that only the top 1.5 lakh candidates of JEE Main are eligible for JEE Advanced Examination.

Hence, it is very important for the JEE Main aspirants to be thoroughly prepared for the test. We provide excellent JEE Main coaching through our various IIT JEE coaching programs.

IIT RankingIIT CollegeNIRF ScoreOverall NIRF RankingAverage placementFees
1Indian Institute of Technology Madras89.93113.60 lakh8.82 lakh
2Indian Institute of Technology Delhi88.08215.70 lakh4.47 lakh
3Indian Institute of Technology Bombay85.08311.78 lakh8.55 lakh
4Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur82.18415 lakh8.27 lakh
4Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur80.56514.20 lakh8.34 lakh
6Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee76.29614.51 lakh8.52 lakh
7Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati74.90715 lakh8.61 lakh
8Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad66.44812 lakh8.64 lakh
9Indian Institute of Technology Indore62.881013 lakh9.28 lakh
10Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University) Varanasi62.541113.60 lakh8.62 lakh
11Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines) Dhanbad62.06128.507.82
12Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar56.80229 lakh8.63 lakh
13Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar56.15247.25 lakh6.40 lakh
14Indian Institute of Technology Ropar55.952511 lakh11.20
15Indian Institute of Technology Patna55.742610.00 lakh10.00 lakh
16Indian Institute of Technology Mandi54.173110.00 lakh8.88 lakh
17Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur46.13539.37 lakh9.97 lakh

No.NameAbbreviationFoundedEstablished as IITCampus AreaState/UT
1IIT KharagpurIITKGP1951850 ha (2,100 acres)West Bengal
2IIT BombayIITB1958220 ha (550 acres)Maharashtra
3IIT MadrasIITM1959250 ha (617 acres)Tamil Nadu
4IIT KanpurIITK1959450 ha (1,100 acres)Uttar Pradesh
5IIT DelhiIITD1961132 ha (325 acres)Delhi
6IIT GuwahatiIITG1994280 ha (700 acres)Assam
7IIT RoorkeeIITR18472001148 ha (365 acres)Uttarakhand
8IIT RoparIITRPR2008203 ha (501 acres)Punjab
9IIT BhubaneswarIITBBS2008379 ha (936 acres)Odisha
10IIT GandhinagarIITGN2008160 ha (400 acres)Gujarat
11IIT HyderabadIITH2008233 ha (576 acres)Telangana
12IIT JodhpurIITJ2008345 ha (852 acres)Rajasthan
13IIT PatnaIITP2008203 ha (501 acres)Bihar
14IIT IndoreIITI2009208 ha (515 acres)Madhya Pradesh
15IIT MandiIITMandi2009218 ha (538 acres)Himachal Pradesh
16IIT (BHU) VaranasiIIT (BHU)19192012530 ha (1,300 acres)Uttar Pradesh
17IIT PalakkadIITPKD2015204 ha (505 acres)Kerala
18IIT TirupatiIITTP2015221.81 ha (548.11 acres)Andhra Pradesh
19IIT (ISM) DhanbadIIT (ISM)19262016280 ha (680 acres)Jharkhand
20IIT BhilaiIITBH2016175 ha (432 acres)Chhattisgarh
21IIT GoaIITGOA2016130 ha (320 acres)Goa
22IIT JammuIITJMU2016160 ha (400 acres)Jammu and Kashmir
23IIT DharwadIITDH2016190 ha (470 acres)Karnataka


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