IIT is a place for people who deserve to be there, lost nights of sleep during the many years. People usually like the “underdog wins the fight” stories. There are many real-life examples of students supposedly “average” in the eyes of others, who came out with flying colors in the IIT entrance examination.. Here are a few examples of such gems, which could inspire a lot of students doing JEE preparation:

• Dungra Ram Choudary: Hailing from a small village in Rajasthan, he supposedly dropped one year for better preparation. He breaks all the misconceptions that anyone hailing from a small town is no matching the others from bigger cities. His all India rank was 1. Pursued computer science from IIT Kanpur, and currently works at Oracle.

• Nikhil Garg: Just an above-average student in school who did not like subjects that needed a lot of slogging. His all India rank was 6. He started preparing for IITJEE from class 11. He had joined coaching in Kota and studies hard for two years. He pursued computer science from IIT Delhi, and presently works at Quora.

• Gaurav Soni: An average student who switched schools at a crucial time. He changed from a Hindi medium to an English medium school. Language difficulties let to poor grades and worse performance. But he overcame it gradually and obtained a good percentage in his board examination. He attended coaching classes in Kota and kept rising to higher as time passed. He cleared the JEE exam successfully and chose chemical engineering IIT-Roorkee.

• Rajiv Dandotiya: A government school student from a small town in Rajasthan, with no classrooms and were studying under a tree was the usual norm. He scored a staggeringly low percentage in his boards: 39 percent. After passing 12th, he helped his father with work. Small businesses dint click and closed down soon. His board percentage made him ineligible for literally everything he was looking for. Then he stumbled across IITJEE. After borrowing a few prominent books and working out from them, but his poor English was a barrier. He cleared IITJEE in 2000 and tried again in the next two years because the rank wasn’t satisfactory. He attended the exam the last time in 2002 and secured a rank of 1758. He pursued IEM at IIT, Kharagpur.

• Amrose Birani : Didn’t get selected in his first attempt in 2006. But in his second attempt in 2007, he bagged an all India rank of 3.

There are a lot of examples where students overcame their fears and obstacles and worked hard to get what they deserved. Be it from a town, or a huge city with a lot of hurdles; if you are clear about your goal and your actions also speak in the same direction, then even your name could be included in the elite list of people who cleared IITJEE.


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