The major causes of stress for students are exams. There are students who commit suicide just because of exam stress. Exam fear and exam anxiety are things which are common among students of all age groups. Some are capable of handling exam fear and exam stress in their won way. Some fall prey to effects of exam stress and go to depression, perform badly in exams or even take extreme measures. Sometimes, the exam pressure can give you panic attacks. A lot of people find that the stress before exams is often worse than the actual exam and it can be made even worse if they have older brothers or sisters who have already done well and feel they have to match up to their standards.

Tips For Reducing Stress

1. Make a realistic revision timetable and stick to it. Start planning it well before the exams begin. Don’t leave revision to the last minute.

2. Make brief notes of your books, notes and essays to make them easier to digest quickly, especilly if you don’t like the subject or find it difficult.

3. Add headings and sub-headings, or use highlighting pens and revision cards, key words or charts – whatever works for you.

4. Work out what revision timetable best suits you.

5. If you can concentrate well in the morning then do most of your studying before lunch, not late at night when you can’t concentrate. If you can study at night then study at later half of the day, but go to bed at reasonable hour and get enough sleep.

6. Revise very nicely since that is very important.

7. Try answering questions from past exam papers or explaining tricky answers to someone else to make sure you have understood it.

8. If you really cannot concentrate it may be because you are tired, hungry, or just bored. Take a break and come back to it 10 minutes later. Short bursts of concentrated revision are often better than hours of staring at the same page.

9. Always ask for help if there are things you don’t understand, and especially if you are feeling, stressed out.

10. Finally, never forget that there is life after revision and exams. 11. Try to be cool in the exam

Tips for Reducing Stress Before Exam

1. When the exam finally arrives, it is too late to worry, over whether you have revised enough. On the date of the exam, you should maintain your coolness. Here is some more advice from experts.

2. Have a good breakfast. Getting hungry during the middle of an exam can be distracting, especially if your concentration is already warning.

3. Check out the details of exams and make sure you know when and where the exam will be!

4. Give yourself plenty of time to get there and calm your nerves. Rushing only adds to the feeling of panic.

5. Prepare everything the night before, check that you have packed your bag with everything you will need – extra pens, water, tissues and so on. On the morning of the exam, tension can make you forget something important. So relax.

6. Talk to the other pupils before taking the exam if it helps to build your confidence, but if it just makes you more nervous, try and find a quiet corner for yourself.

7. Go to the toilet before the exam starts.

8. Take time to read the instructions and questions carefully. Many students do badly because they give the wrong number of answers or misread the questions.

9. Work out how long you will have to answer each question and try to stick to it.

10. Keep an eye on the time and follow instructions about how long to spend on different sections.

11. Always keep 10-15 minutes for revision, check for obvious mistakes and ensure that you have answered all the questions.

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