There are many myths which revolve around students about the exams which also affect their results so today we are going to tell you about the myths and the reality behind them .

Some of the myths are

1. The first point which students mainly heard about exams are that competitive exams and board exams are very different from each other but in reality they are not so different. Syllabus is same for both the exams the difference comes between them is difficulty level.

2. Secondly many students think that they have to write a lot in board exams but it’s not true you only have to write conceptual.

3. Writing as same as NCERT will provide you more Marks but it’s not true you only have to write conceptual but only that which is asked in the exam. You can write in your own words.

4. Do only NCERT and Last year questions , Study NCERT is much important and solving last year questions is also beneficial but along with this you also have to study more .

5. Some students thinks that step marking is not available in board exams but in reality step marking is given in board exams.

6. In physics only derivations will come but it’s not Fully true derivations will come but only some which are important.

7. Numerical which come in board exams are very tough but it’s not true numerical are only formula based if you practice well then you didn’t feel numerical tough.

8. Mathematics questions are very lengthy and this is true in many cases questions in mathematics exams are really lengthy so prepare well for them . Solve R D Sharma and R S Agarwal for practice.

9. Follow golden guide for English and you can write in your own words in the exams.

10. One myth which always revolve around us is During board exams don’t prepare for competitive exams but it’s not true as you all know that syllabus of competitive exams and board exams are almost same so during board exams prepare for board exams but also revice some of the topics related to competitive exams.

If you want more clearity just watch this video of Rajeev Sir on Myth Vs Reality on YouTube.

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