As we all know The central government on Wednesday announced cancellation of CBSE board exams for Class 10 and postponed Class 12 exams which were scheduled for May-June in the wake of Coronavirus crisis. But after this many question arises in the mind of everyone that’s why Rajeev Classes is going to organise a webinar to clear all your doubts and inform you about everything. Where the objective criterion was also decoded . Objective criteria may be like objective type questions, Online Vivas ,Online assessment or may be on the basis of internal school assessment . Whatever will be the clarification everything will be told.

In that webinar Rajeev Kumar Singh CMD and Founder of Rajeev Classes also going to talk about the various aspects of JEE and NEET.

Topics like how to maintain balance between board exams and competitive exams will also covered. And some main doubts which always arises in everyone’s mind like government colleges are good or private colleges will be a good choice or not.

Rajeev Classes is kota based institution whose main motto is to was to make kolkata a education hub like kota so that any student can come here and make their dream true of being an IITIAN or Doctor and to provide care and help to students throughout their academic journey.

Here how Rajeev Classes works and it’s work model which is based on Kota will also be come in front of everyone.

So if you want to know everything and want answers of every question which comes in your mind then join the webinar organised by Rajeev Classes on 18th of April (Sunday) on Zoom. Link will be available for everyone on 18th of April on the official website of Rajeev Classes

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