As the students start to proceed towards 11th grade, they start gushing about the various prospects they can choose as a career. Questions like how to prepare for JEE/NEET from class 11, where to study from, how much time should be devoted to crack the exam goes around an engineering and neet aspirant. The growing fad to study in India’s premier institute IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) or in top medical Colleges are increasing day by day and why would it not? It has one of the best faculty, great placement opportunities, highly sophisticated research and the list goes on.

However, cracking JEE/NEET is not that easy how may it seem. Lakhs of students apply for this college every day. To be in top thousand students out of those lakhs. Everyone dreams to be in their choice of college, studying in their favourite department but only few have the caliber to achieve that in real life. Many students start their preparation one year prior their exam i.e. class 12, but studies for them become way too hectic. Most of the aspirants now a days start preparation in class 11th itself. While there are also some kids who are highly ambitious and begin their preparations from class 9th itself.

So…… Why should I start my prep from 11th grade itself? Why not 12th?

Well… Why you should not? The JEE/NEET exam syllabus is that same of class 11th and class 12th syllabus of Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology. The only difference is that the question difficulty level is more in JEE/NEET than that in board exams and also rather than having subjective questions, JEE/NEET papers has objective type questions.

The core of your examination paper is on the basis of the teachings of class 11th. So, when you are preparing for weekly school tests, it is advisable to go through the same topics from JEE/NEET Preparation books. Starting your preparation from class 12th can be very tedious for any student. One year is a very short period of time to cover syllabus as vast as that of JEE/NEET which also requires immense practice. Lakhs of students end up overestimating themselves and then have to drop a year after completing class 12th to prepare for this exams.

Class 11th JEE/NEET Preparation

Know the Structure of Exam

You must have the idea of how to prepare for JEE/NNET as in how many topics are coming, what are its weightage, previous years question paper, exam pattern and so on. You should begin with the critical chapters first which are being more stressed upon in the paper followed by other topics.

Keep Concepts clear and Solve as many problems as you can

NCERT books are very important for both board exams as well as competitive exams. Additional books and solved mock tests can be referred to make concepts clearer. JEE/NEET is all about practice. Try to solve as many questions you can.

Start Managing your Time

You can not ever crack any competitive exam if you are not managing your time well. It is number one criterion you should work on. Even if you know all the answers of the questions but you don’t have enough time, all these preparations will go to waste. If you want to reach your goal to ace the exam, you need to start devoting time towards your preparations from now onwards. Once you realize this fact that time is precious, you will start utilizing time in more efficient way.

Keep yourself motivated

Self-motivation is really important in all aspects in life. If you are motivated, chances of achieving are relatively higher because you will work harder for it. Sustaining motivation can be hard at times. There are some steps you can do to be motivated.

Set the aim and visualize you have achieved it. Make a list why this goal is so important for you. Have mini targets and reward yourself upon accomplishing them. Do not get deterred from your path. Focus on the big picture i.e. Cracking JEE/NEET.

Avoid Over Confidence

When you think you know everything, you become over-confident and haughty. This over confidence might bring you down. If you really want to avoid it, you should start seeing yourself objectively. There is always a place for improvement.

Solve previous years JEE Main Advanced and NEET question papers

One thing you should keep in mind while preparing that there are never any new questions. The exam tests on same concepts year after year just to check whether the applicants are capable to handle the pressure of studies in IIT/Top Medical Colleges or not. They also want to admit students and not disqualify. Questions also repeat from time to time.

These regular practices will also help you to gain confidence as similar type of questions will be asked on the main day and you will be ready. Time management also gets better with practice.

Give Full length practice Tests/ Mock Tests

Hardwork is key to success and so to crack JEE/NEET. You should not just halfheartedly practice as you will not remember it then in a long term but you should have a perfect practice. Daily practice is very essential for JEE/NEET prep. Practicing variety of questions of various difficulty levels sharpen your skills.

Taking full length tests will help you know your strengths and weakness. You can start giving All India Test Series to get an early start to find out your position in reality.

Revision of topics regularly

JEE/NEET syllabus is very vast and candidates require time to complete it. Thus, it is best to prepare for JEE/NEET from Class 10, so that they will get a sufficient time period for better preparations. Once an aspirant completes one topic, subject, or chapter, he/she must keep on memories it after a certain period of time. With the proper revision of each subject, the prepared chapters, subjects, or topics will always remain fresh in their brain.

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