NEET, one of the biggest examinations in the country, enables students to seek admissions to medical courses. When the stakes are colossal, the preparation has to be consistent and full-proof. Lakhs of students grapple to crack NEET to thereby get a seat in reputed medical institutes. Toppers work smart as opposed to hard to be called what they are and the golden tip that tops their list is the solving of NEET previous years’ question papers. This certainly can give an edge over others, helping immensely in outperforming.

Here, we collate for you, some groundbreaking tips which can help you comprehend the importance of solving questions papers, subsequently fetching the perfect score.

1. Get Acquainted With Pattern

Solving previous years’ papers helps students to get accustomed to the marking scheme, NEET exam pattern, weightage of chapters, important topics etc. can be easily interpreted. These vitals are extremely beneficial for competitive exams. Students also get an idea of recurring topics over the years. This way you can predict the questions most likely to appear. It offers them a platform to understand how questions are set.

2. Enhance time management efficiently

Once you start solving papers, you get a fair idea of how much time you spend on each section (Physics, Chemistry carrying 45 questions each and Biology carrying 90 questions). With technically one minute to solve one question, clearly the only saving grace is the art of effective time management. There is no alternate to it except that one has to practise papers. Solving papers apart from many other benefits also help in managing time effectively and spending less time at each section, only adding buffer time to the next section to be solved. Surplus time at the exam is only beneficial as bubbling the OMR sheet becomes a less stressful activity.

3. Boosts Speed and Accuracy

Of the many other merits, this is the best one. Practising previous years’ papers only enhance the speed of solving each question. It also helps one arrive at the accurate solutions which are crucial, especially in the Physics section involving numericals.

4. Self Assessment

Previous years’ papers are the best way to assess your preparation. It helps you know where you stand. You identify your weak areas and work on them. You gauge the time you take to solve papers. It helps you categorize the questions into different levels of difficulty (easy, moderate and tough) hence quickly analyzing questions that could be easily solved and time-consuming questions.

5. Best tool for Revision

papers is the best companion as part of revision that one can have. This is the perfect tool to give a retrospect view of your preparation. It helps boost confidence.

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