With the Class 10 Board exams cancelled this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Central Board of School Education (CBSE) on Saturday announced a special marking scheme for Class 10 students in its affiliated schools.

The results — to be announced on June 20 — will be tabulated based on the performance of students in unit tests, the half-yearly examination, and the pre-Board examination conducted by schools, the Board announced Saturday.

According to the policy, while 20 marks for each subject will be for internal assessment as every year, 80 marks will be calculated on basis of the students’ performance in various tests or exams throughout the year.

Announcing its innovative policy in a notice, the CBSE said that schools will have to form an eight-member result committee by May 5, which would draw a rationale document based on exams conducted by schools in the previous year and past performances of schools in the earlier Class X board exams, after which the board will declare the results on June 20.

The CBSE explained that a student’s performance will be on the basis of the school’s unit test or periodic test of 10 marks, mid-term of half-yearly exam of 30 marks, and the pre-Board examination of 40 marks as these are standard across all schools. The 80 marks “should be in consonance with the past performance of the school in Class X board examinations,” the CBSE stated.

The remaining will be the internal assessment carried out by the schools. These assessments will be done by schools by forming a result committee that will comprise the principal and seven teachers. Of these, five teachers should be from the school and from subjects like mathematics, social science and two languages; and two members should be from outside the school. The committee will make sure that if a school has conducted more than one test or exam within each of the three categories of unit test, mid-term test and pre-board exams, then they will fix a weightage to each test within each category.

“For example, if a school has conducted two or three-pre Board exams, it may decide to take an average of the three exams, take the best performance in the three tests or give a weightage to each exam as considered suitable,” the notification stated.

The CBSE will create an online system for schools to upload the marks, failing which dis-affiliation or financial action would be initiated against the school. Schools have been asked to finalise their results by May 25 and submit them to the Board by June 5. The internal assessment marks will have to be submitted by June 11 as the CBSE will declare the results on June 20.

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